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Tañca kammaṃ kataṃ sādhu, yaṃ katvā nānutappati;
Yassa patīto sumano, vipākaṃ paṭisevati.

A deed is good when one does not regret having done it. A deed is good if the result is to be experienced with joy and delight.

(Dhamma Padaya)

Na taṃ mātā pitā kayirā, aññe vāpi ca ñātakā;
Sammāpaṇihitaṃ cittaṃ, seyyaso naṃ tato kare.

Neither mother, nor father, nor any other relative can help one establish one’s mind on the Dhamma. One becomes a great person due to one’s well-directed mind.

(Dhamma Padaya)

Namo Buddhaya!

We appreciate your generosity in contributing to Mahamevnawa Asapuwa and help build and maintaining a Buddhist Monastery for the devotees in Sydney.  Needless to say the merit you will gather out of this will be immense.  This is a deed you can sublimely cherish all your life time and will carry forward to the next lives as well.  How much you contribute should not matter but, with how serene and pure mind you donate will matter.  It will help you be at peace and ultimately attain Nirvana and end the suffering.

Our sincere hope is that you all will attend the Dhamma Programs conducted by Mahamevnawa Asapuwa and get a drop of that sublime elixir of Buddha Dhamma, the only real panacea, to heal and pacify yourself and finally liberate from all sufferings of this vicious Samsara.

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Account Name : Mahamevna Bhavana Monastery Meditation centre of Sydney
Bank                  : Westpac
Branch                : Eastwood
BSB                   : 032080
Account No       : 503412

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Mahamevnawa Buddisht Monastary,
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