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For the wellbeing of Humanity

The Supreme Buddha’s life and teachings have inspired many around the world to be kind hearted and generous individuals. A random act of kindness by one person can be the catalyst for positive change in the world. Therefore Mahamevnawa Sydney actively encourages people of all ages to carry out benevolent activities wherever possible. The activities that we organize include Clean up Australia Day events, Blood donations with the Red Cross, Tree planting and Visiting aged care centers. You can join us in this joyous meritorious effort and reap the benefits in this life itself.

Australia Day Cleanup Activity

A volunteer group of the Mahamevnawa Buddhist Meditation Centre, Sydney with support from Clean up Australia day organisers and the Hills Shire Council organised a clean-up activity, at the Col. Sutton Park, Baulkham Hills, on Saturday, 04th March 2017.

This was the fourth consecutive year that this park was chosen by us in line with the Cleanup Australia Day since 2014. The cleanup activity of the park commenced by volunteers first observing Pan Sil offered by Rev Dhammaratana Thero. Despite the weekend drizzle, many devotees dressed in raincoats grabbed their gloves and bags to brave the weather to make the Clean Up Australia Day activity a success. All volunteers were quite eager to clean the park and bring it back to its natural glory. It was a difficult task, but with the help of all volunteers we were able to accomplish our objectives. Volunteers were offered morning tea and refreshments. Cleanup activities continued past midday to complete the undertaken task.

This special project was a big success, everyone who participated in this great meritorious deed can in deed rejoice.

Mahamevnawa Buddhist Meditation Centre, Sydney will continue to take part in this yearly event and encourage all Children, Youth and the Adults to join in this activity.


Blood Donation

Blood Donation Program Organised by MBMMC of Sydney

With compassion and in hopes of a recovery for those who are suffering from life threatening circumstances which require blood, a Blood Donation activity is organised by the Mahamevnawa Buddhist Meditation Centre of Sydney each year

This meritorious activity has now been ongoing for the past 4 years. With the direction and help of the Reverend monks at the monastery, our devotees and the Red Cross in NSW these events have been organised at the mobile blood donation centres in Dural, Marsden Park and at the Red Cross Centre at Parramatta in the past.

MBMMC gratefully acknowledge the support and assistance extended to us by Australian Red Cross Blood Service to make this series of events a success. We respectfully share all the merits collected during conceptualising, organising and completing Blood Donation activities with everyone involved and who appreciate such endeavours.

If you are like-minded and interested in taking part in future blood donations organised by Sydney Mahamevnawa Buddhist Meditation Centre, kindly contact us on (02) 9894 1728 or via email: mahamevnasydney@gmail.com


Offering lunch at Rosnel Hostel Disability and Aged Care

With eyes of wisdom, the Lord Buddha saw how certain actions which arise through wholesome qualities of the mind can have positive results and how certain actions which arise through the defilements in the mind bring negative results. If we do something which stems from craving, hatred or delusion it creates fear and anger in others as well as within ourselves. These negative actions will attract negative results for us. If we do something which stems from the wholesome qualities of mind, if it creates no fear and hatred in the world, it will attract positive results for us. The Lord Buddha saw that if one gives food, he gives the benefits of extended life span, complexion, wellbeing, and strength (Ayusha, Warna, Sapa, Bala). As a result of this action he or she will receive much happiness and wellbeing throughout this life and the next.

Recently devotees at Mahamevnawa Sydney had a great chance to conduct such a meritorious act. On January 3rd 2015, youth group members and devotees at Mahamevnawa Sydney, offered lunch at Rosnel Hostel Bundanoon – disability and aged care facility. Youth group members and devotees prepared various Sri Lankan and Local dishes to be served to the residents. The food was served to all residents with much love and care. Youth group members were also kind enough to lend a helping hand to older residents who were having difficulty eating themselves. The residents were happy with the food and the thoughtful care provided by the group with some of them thanking and giving compliments to the group after the lunch.

At the conclusion of the event the Venerable Bhanthe talked to the youth group. The Bhanthe explained that he saw the compassion and friendliness that the youth group members had towards the elderly and disabled citizens. He explained the reality of life and how we also will have to face old age one day. He explained the value of doing good karma such as this and how it can bring positive results in to our lives. Thinking back about this event we can be happy of our kind and generous effort to bring happiness in to the minds of people in need.

Mahamevnawa Sydney would like to thank the organisers and participants of this event as well as the friendly staff at Rosnel Hostel for making this event a success. Mahamevnawa Sydney would like to share these merits with all who appreciate such meritorious acts.


A kind hearted person observes the situations where others are suffering and takes action to help. An act of kindness can be as simple as smiling and saying hello, sharing your lunch with someone that doesn’t have any or simply listening to someone in need. Cleaning the environment around us and contributing to the health and wellbeing of others are also acts of kindness. Whether they are small acts of kindness that are done on a day to day basis or substantial ones, they can have a life-changing effect on everyone that is touched by it.

Generosity is a fundamental part of all the benevolent activities, as you need to dedicate your time, energy and sometimes even money for the wellbeing of others. The Supreme Buddha, on many occasions, mentions the importance of practicing generosity and its amazing ability to bring one closer to freedom from all suffering. When you dedicate your time or make a donation for a good cause, you may feel that you are losing something, however, the most valuable wealth of happiness will be gained instead. Generosity indeed can make us happier!

The virtue of patience is one that was praised by the Supreme Buddha. It is an essential quality that is needed in life, especially when you are helping others. You may have to endure rain, sun, hunger, physical pain or harsh words, even from the people you are trying to help. However it is only if you are patient you will be able to collect merits. By being patient you will have helped yourself and the other person also.

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